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The work is painstaking and manual, involving pruning, debudding, shoot thinning, leaf removal and green harvesting to achieve perfect ripeness of the grapes. Weeds are mulched in the rows, where we also sow leguminous plants to add nitrogen and organic matter to the soil. The grapes are harvested entirely selectively by hand, with thorough sorting in the vineyard to remove anything other than perfectly ripe and healthy grapes, collected into small containers to avoid any damage and then rapidly transported to the winery.


The grapes are loaded into stainless steel tanks, using single vineyard selections, so that each block is vinified in a separate tank to allow us to study their individual character. We are pragmatic in our winemaking and each vintage, each grape variety and even each field might want to be treated differently. The overriding principle though is to let the fruit do the talking, so since the beginning we have worked with very low sulphite management and minimal intervention in the winery. The objective is a slow, gentle extraction to give a pure and elegant expression of the terroir, with the fermentation led by indigenous yeast found in the vineyard and the winery.